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You can earn easily through Android phones and iPhones

since many of us spend so much time scrolling anyway, you might as well leverage those fingertips and turn them into ways to make money from your phone.

Profiting from the phone has become a common thing, as technology today allows workers to move from traditional forms to working from home, and many jobs currently do not require the allocation of a workspace or even a computer, but you can 8 ways that enable you to earn money from the mobile as the only source of livelihood.

A smartphone is able to provide the opportunity for a full-time job, especially when you have a car that facilitates your commute, and good technical or language skills.

There are tons of apps, tools, and resources to help, but it can be hard to figure out which ones are a good — and profitable — idea and which ones are a complete waste of time.

In this article, we will share with you 8 ways that you can profit from the Internet using only your mobile phone:

1- Technical support services

If you have the necessary experience in different types of software or hardware, you can profit from the phone by getting a technical support expert job with only one phone device. According to Glassdoor estimates, the median annual wage for remote tech support workers is about $35,000, which is about the same as the minimum living wage in many smaller US cities and regions.

2-Application Tester

Since you use your phone all day long, why not use it to test new apps, consult with their developers, help them, and earn some money. You can resort to platforms such as “AppNana” as a test tool for smartphones and earn gift cards and free software, so that you can earn money from mobile.

3- A driver to deliver passengers

By owning a car in good condition and a smartphone, you will be able to provide a living wage by being a driver under the ride-sharing service. The annual income of this service provider is about ninety thousand dollars, and all you need is a car, a phone, and a clean driving record.

4- Accomplish different tasks

With apps like Task Rabbit and Gig Walk, your smartphone allows you to find simple jobs in your area that help you earn between five and a hundred dollars or more, and these tasks usually take a few hours to complete, including delivering groceries. And make or move some home furniture.

5- Opinion polls

This activity is so simple and easy that you can do it during your free time or at the same time as your regular job. All you need to do this function is your smartphone. Sites like Inbox Dollars offer opportunities to take paid surveys.

6- Influential person

You can profit from the phone by becoming an influencer “Influencer” Currently, brands are targeting powerful influencers who have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

7- Market research

You can earn money from mobile only in the lowest area in which you live by providing market research over the phone for the benefit of all sectors, including opinion surveys, on various issues and topics and information on a range of products.

8- Language teacher

There are many programs available that give you access to people who want to learn a foreign language. In most cases, the only skill you need is a good command of the English language. A speaker of this language can use a smartphone to access programs such as “Nice Talk,” which helps you earn about ten dollars an hour.

Know other ways to make money on a phone? Share them in the comments below and help others pocket some extra income.

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